Dr. Anisur Rahman, Assistant Professor of Finance and Economics

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27 Jul 2018

Anisur Rahman


Education:  Holds a doctorate in finance from Florida International University in Miami

Class description:  I emphasize learning the quantitative models of finance as much as understanding the intuition behind these models. That is why I strongly encourage student participation in class and relate class discussions to real-world problems. I would like my students to see why we are learning what it is that we are learning.

Qualities for Success in Finance:  Given the ever-changing financial industry and with it, the nature of problems we must deal with, an analytical mindset and creativity are important to succeed.

Biggest Challenge in Finance Profession:  Making sure we use our financial knowledge and skills in an ethical manner

Favorite Quote:  Dream big and dare to fail.

Finding Your Purpose:  I find purpose when I realize that I have an obligation to give back to society.

Most Rewarding Professional Experience:  Working as an internal auditor in GrameenPhone in Bangladesh with a group of incredibly talented and kind-hearted people.


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