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Chris Cox
Education: MS in Computer Information Systems, 2018, from Bellevue University, Bellevue, NE. BA in English, 2015, University of Missouri-Columbia. Phone: 573.592.5925. What drew you to Westminster? A combination of its history, its encouragement to explore creativity, and the inclusivity of its faculty. What are your goals at Westminster? To collaborate
Lane Hume
Education: BA in Anthropology and Philosophy, 2010, Westminster College What drew you to Westminster? As a student, Westminster provided a fundamental foundation for me to grow intellectually and personally. I met and still maintain friendships with students from all around the world. This global community that fosters inclusion, understanding, and
Jenni Litherland
Education: BJ in Journalism, 2018, University of Missouri-Columbia Most rewarding professional experience? Before I took this job, I was working for a newspaper, and I learned the importance of deadlines and how to meet them efficiently. What are your goals at Westminster? I want to help keep Westminster’s design on
Alana Funk
  Education: BA in Biochemistry, 1996. Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO. What drew you to Westminster? As a long-time Fulton resident, I understand the importance Westminster College has to the town of Fulton and the community. The history of Fulton and Westminster are tied together, and I have a long
Keller Hawkins
  Education: BA in Religion, Whitman College / Master of Divinity, Vanderbilt Divinity School What are your goals for student life this year?  My goal is to work with students to help facilitate our engagement with our Fulton community with compassion, intention, and deep care for our neighbors and the
Liz Weise
  Education: BA in History, 2011, BA in American Studies, 2014, and BA in Psychology, 2018, from Columbia College, Columbia, MO.  Facebook: Liz Weise.  Instagram: @lizaweisa What are your goals for campus life this year?  I am so excited about the energy on our campus so far this semester, and I
Sarah Stevens
  Education:  Holds a dual Master’s in Social Work and Public Health from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from William Woods University in Fulton. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker. Goals at Westminster:  My main goal is to create a welcoming environment at The
Message from the President
Click here to view President Lamkin’s message to Blue Jay Nation, regarding the WestMOvement.
David Roebuck
  Education: Holds a Ph.D. from the University of Mississippi   Advice for Students Taking Your Class: Feel free to argue with me. I like it.   Students’ Description of You: Fun, approachable, challenging.   Initial Impression of Westminster: I already love it.   Free Time Activity: Reading science fiction
Message from Lana Poole
Click here for message from Lana Poole, Vice President for Development and Strategic Communications, regarding the new brand toolkit at Westminster College.