Education:  Holds a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee Attraction to Westminster:  I get the privilege of teaching at a selective liberal arts college in the area where I grew up. The people I met in the interview process sealed the deal for me. Qualities To Find
  Education:  Holds an Ed.D. in literacy from the University of Missouri How Students Describe You:  Positive, fun, challenging, a listener, a collaborator, and their Advocate Most Rewarding Professional Experience:  When I worked with a struggling student, and the lightbulb came on for both of us! Attraction to Westminster:  Comments
  Education: MA from Western Illinois University and Ph.D Candidate at MU Skills Students Need for Your International Relations Class: The ability to communicate opening and respectfully with others, curiosity about the world, willingness to seek information from various sources and to understand how to identify when information is inaccurate
  Education: Holds a doctorate in biological sciences from the University of Missouri Advice to Students: Don’t be afraid to ask questions; often times someone else has the same question you do. Impression of Westminster: Campus is very welcoming. Everyone seems very invested in the Westminster community, and I’m very
  Education:  Holds a doctorate in literature and creative writing from the University of Houston Describe Your Classes:  Classes are highly interactive and flexible. That is, people should be ready for a lot of discussion, experimentation, risk-taking, and otherwise open-ended interrogation (of texts, or their own and their classmates’ writing,
  Education:  Master’s degree in music of jazz performance and pedagogy from University of Missouri Describe Your Classes:  Private instruction that incorporates a blend of music theory, music history, and technical fundamentals as well as the students’ interests Most Important Learning Lesson:  How to learn. Learning doesn’t stop when you
  Education:  Holds a doctorate in finance from Florida International University in Miami Class description:  I emphasize learning the quantitative models of finance as much as understanding the intuition behind these models. That is why I strongly encourage student participation in class and relate class discussions to real-world problems. I