Dr. Wayne Johnson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

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27 Jul 2018

Wayne Johnson


Education:  Holds a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee

Attraction to Westminster:  I get the privilege of teaching at a selective liberal arts college in the area where I grew up. The people I met in the interview process sealed the deal for me.

Qualities To Find Success in Mathematics:  Mathematics is wonderful in that it really takes nothing more than curiosity and dedication to get going, which makes those qualities extremely important for success

How You Found Your Purpose:  My purpose found me. As an undergraduate, I discovered just how strong a grasp mathematics could have on a person, and I haven’t stopped learning since.

Greatest Accomplishment:  Earning my Ph.D. I grew up extremely poor and didn’t originally even expect to go to college, let alone graduate school

Free Time Activities:  Tabletop gaming, playing guitar, and hanging out with wife and four cats


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  1. Michelle Craighead says:

    Welcome to WC!!

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