Kate Perry, Visiting Professor of Political Science

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27 Jul 2018


Education: MA from Western Illinois University and Ph.D Candidate at MU

Skills Students Need for Your International Relations Class: The ability to communicate opening and respectfully with others, curiosity about the world, willingness to seek information from various sources and to understand how to identify when information is inaccurate or biased, the ability to form strong viewpoints, and support them with evidence when faced with opposition, strong writing skills.

Impression of Westminster: My first impression of Westminster was excitement over the amazing connection to political history at the small campus with the Churchill Museum and portions of the Berlin Wall right on campus. During my attendance at Symposiums and conferences, I have been impressed by the obvious talent of the students and faculty members that shows their excellent work.

One Book Everyone Should Read: Things Fall Apart

How You Found Your Purpose: I was always interested in learning and consumed knowledge in many areas since I was a small child. From a young age I felt compelled to do something with my life that helped people, especially people in underserved communities. Over time, I developed a passion for politics and human rights, and eventually, a deep commitment to furthering women’s rights. I have combined those interests into a career that allows me to teach, mentor, and research all of the things that mean the most to me.


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