Message from the President
Click here to view President Lamkin’s message to Blue Jay Nation, regarding the WestMOvement.
David Roebuck
  Education: Holds a Ph.D. from the University of Mississippi   Advice for Students Taking Your Class: Feel free to argue with me. I like it.   Students’ Description of You: Fun, approachable, challenging.   Initial Impression of Westminster: I already love it.   Free Time Activity: Reading science fiction
Message from Lana Poole
Click here for message from Lana Poole, Vice President for Development and Strategic Communications, regarding the new brand toolkit at Westminster College.
Click here for letter for faculty from Dr. David Roebuck, Vice President for Academic Affairs.
Carolyn Perry Bench Dedication
As a Westminster representative on the Callaway Chamber of Commerce Board, I have enjoyed being involved in the local community and helping support various projects in Callaway County. Most recently, I got to help plan and host a teacher appreciation breakfast for all Callaway County primary and secondary teachers, which
David Elliott
  Education:  Holds an M.A. from the University of Missouri and is an MU doctoral candidate One piece of advice for students taking your class:  Take an active and enthusiastic stance toward all your courses as opposed to a bored stance with a passive expectation to be entertained. Psych yourself