David Elliott, Visiting Instructor of Sociology

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2 Aug 2018

David Elliott Facts


Education:  Holds an M.A. from the University of Missouri and is an MU doctoral candidate

One piece of advice for students taking your class:  Take an active and enthusiastic stance toward all your courses as opposed to a bored stance with a passive expectation to be entertained. Psych yourself and apply yourself in nurturing your interest in your academic subjects. Make yourself cognizant of how the knowledge and skills you develop in class will serve you in your postgraduate future. For my part, I seek to guide the students in my class toward developing the knowledge, skills, and behaviors important for good citizenship and successful professional contributions.

Attraction to Westminster:  I am happy to have the opportunity to be teaching this fall at Westminster College, an institution with such a rich history and important mission. I’ll have the chance in Introduction to Sociology to introduce students to a social science discipline that I have grown to love and value deeply and which offers valuable insights for students of all majors and interests. I’ll also have the privilege to teach Social Science Research Methods, one of my favorite classes to teach and one I consider a specialty.

Greatest accomplishment:  Raising my son and daughter, as a single parent for much of it

Book You Think Everyone Should Read:  Art as Experience or The Quest for Certainty by John Dewey, the American pragmatist philosopher who has had a strong influence on my thinking