Westminster and William Woods Collaborate on an Innovation Grant for Local Teachers, By Dr. Carolyn Perry, Director of Center for Teaching and Learning

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9 Aug 2018

As a Westminster representative on the Callaway Chamber of Commerce Board, I have enjoyed being involved in the local community and helping support various projects in Callaway County. Most recently, I got to help plan and host a teacher appreciation breakfast for all Callaway County primary and secondary teachers, which was held on Monday, August 6th. Over 400 teachers attended, and there was strong representation from Westminster College and the National Churchill Museum, as well. I think it is important that Westminster be known for its support of local educators, and the breakfast allowed us to do just that.

This year, that support will include a grant opportunity for Callaway County teachers, which will be awarded by the Callaway Chamber and sponsored jointly by Westminster and William Woods. I will be working with Mike Westerfield, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs at William Woods, on the administration of the grant.

The grant is designed to provide support for a new teacher to explore innovative classroom teaching practices. We are encouraging applicants to consider how they might support student development by focusing on such things as setting high expectations, making use of competency-based learning, and/or developing customized pathways to learning. The intention of the grant is to create experiences that integrate personal motivation and innovative teaching practices to develop skills that will encourage life-long learning. Applications are due in November, and we will announce the winner at the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet in January.

As I develop plans for the Center for Teaching and Learning, I hope to continue to look for ways to collaborate with the Fulton community, our local schools, and William Woods. Not only do our students benefit from all these collaborations, but it is also a great way to live out the Westminster mission.


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